Halloween: A Spooktacular Celebration with Lyca Mobile

3 November, 2023 by Binod Kumar
Halloween: A Spooktacular Celebration with Lyca Mobile
Halloween: A Spooktacular Celebration with Lyca Mobile

Bem-vindos, amigos e amigas! It is that bewitching time of the year again when the air is filled with a touch of magia and the spirits come out to play. Halloween, or Dia das Bruxas as we call it here in Portugal, is a celebration like no other. The streets are adorned with parades of people in disguise, Halloween parties, spooky decorations, and children dressed in fantasias (costumes) that would fill people with thrills and excitement. 

As the sun sets over the Atlantic, the streets of Portugal transform into a hauntingly beautiful spectacle. From Lisbon to Porto, and everywhere in between, the spirit of Halloween is alive and well, and we are here to guide you through the enchanting festivities.

  • Halloween is a spooky spectacle that combines rich cultural traditions with joyful celebration.
  • Portugal's mix of traditional decor, haunted places, and horror movies promises a spine-tingling experience.
  • Halloween parties are vibrant and entertaining, with music, dancing, and drinks, making affordable mobile plans a must-have.
  • Read along to know more about one such mobile plan offered by Lyca Mobile.


Halloween in Portugal

The Magic of Dia das Bruxas

Portugal has a deep-rooted history of celebrating Halloween, which blends seamlessly with our own traditions and customs. It is believed that ghosts of the dead returned to earth and wandered among the living on the night of 31 October. So, the Celtic people would burn crops and animals as sacrifices to the gods and wear scary costumes to ward off the ghosts. It is the time when we honor our ancestors, a theme shared with the Dia de Finados (All Saints' Day) celebrated on the 1st of November. Halloween, however, is when the youthful spirits take center stage. 

On All Saints' Day, people spend the day cleaning family headstones and plots at the cemetery. Church services are also held in the graveyards on this day. Flower vendors selling chrysanthemums are a common sight, as people buy flowers to place on the graves of their loved ones. 

As the sun sets and the moon rises, the sound of laughter and footsteps fill the streets. Children, families, and friends embark on a journey of "doçuras ou travessuras" (trick-or-treat), and the cityscape comes alive with color, energy, and spookiness. During Doçuras ou travessuras, children go door-to-door, mostly to relatives’ houses, asking for Pão-por-Deus (Bread for God).

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No Tricks, Just Spook-tacular Deals!

While you immerse yourself in the enchanting Halloween celebrations, don’t forget to experience the magic of Lyca Mobile that can make your night spooktacular. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, the offers from Lyca Mobile can be your trusted companions during this ghoulish holiday. Let's check out some of the highlights of this plan now.

1. Extra Data and EU Roaming at Discount

When purchasing a new Lyca Mobile SIM + National M plan online, you enjoy 20GB of data + 5GB extra and 1000 min/text for 30 days with a 5€ discount when auto-renewal is enabled. Get 13.6GB to roam in all EU/EEA countries with our National M plan, so you can share your unforgettable Halloween moments without worry. It is like having your own little wizardry, ensuring you stay connected with friends and family while exploring the eerie landscapes of Portugal.

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National M (eSIM available)15.00 € 10.00 € /30 Days1000 Minutes20GB + 5GB extraYes (13.6GB)

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2. eSIMs for Convenience

For the tech-savvy goblins among us, eSIMs are a fantastic option. No need to fuss with physical SIM cards – simply activate an eSIM, and you are ready to go with Lyca Mobile. It is a treat for those who value convenience and flexibility.

Portuguese Halloween Traditions

Now that you are all set with your call, message, and data needs, let us dive into some of the fascinating Halloween traditions specific to Portugal:

1. Comer Castanhas Assadas (Roasted Chestnuts):

Just like magic, street vendors appear with their chestnut roasters. It is a tradition to enjoy these warm, roasted chestnuts while strolling through the streets, bringing comfort on the cool October evenings.

2. Abóboras (Pumpkins):

Carving pumpkins is a beloved tradition in Portugal, with many households and businesses displaying intricately carved pumpkins, creating a luminous and eerie atmosphere.

3. Pay respect to the dead:

Portuguese Halloween wouldn't be complete without the haunting of local cemeteries. It is a time when families come together to remember their ancestors and pay their respects.

4. Fantasias (Costumes):

The Portuguese are known for their creativity when it comes to Halloween costumes. You will see everything from traditional witches and ghosts to creative interpretations of popular movie characters. As Halloween approaches, cities across Portugal come alive with unique events and celebrations. Cities like Sinatra, Obidos and Lisbon, the capital city, host a grand Halloween parade with impressive costumes, music, and dance. These are fantastic places to get lost in the revelry and capture some spellbinding memories for your mobile albums.

Closing Thoughts

Dia das Bruxas in Portugal is an enchanting celebration, a time when the old and the new blend together seamlessly. As you immerse yourself in the ghoulish delights and haunting traditions, remember to harness the power of seamless connectivity to enhance your Halloween experience. Whether you are sharing your Halloween adventures with loved ones through EU roaming, enjoying the convenience of eSIMs, or taking advantage of exclusive offers with each new subscription, Lyca Mobile has the tools to make your night a true spooktacular delight. And, of course, may your Halloween night be filled with treats, not tricks! Feliz Halloween, everyone!

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