Best ways to ensure online safety of your kids

1 June, 2020 by Lyca Mobile
Best ways to ensure online safety of your kids
Best ways to ensure online safety of your kids

The internet is the biggest repository of information that mankind has ever created. And a good chunk of that information- and also the provisions that the net brings- could be useful for your kids.

The only problem is keeping them safe online so that no one steals personal data from them or stalk them online or worse.

Here are the best ways in which you could ensure internet safety of your kids.

Avoid using social logins on websites as much as possible

Many websites, when you try to login, would give you the option to log in using a social media login credential. This would give the website access to your social feed and also perhaps to accounts of your social media friends- which may include your kids.

Unless it’s a website that you trust, avoid using social login for ensuring better internet safety for your kids.

Sharing location

You could turn off the location tracking setting on most apps that provide that feature. Kids should also be discouraged from geo-tagging their location to any picture they may share with friends online.(They could do that once they had already left from that particular location.) This will enhance the e-safety of your kids.

Follow/friend your children

One of the major concerns parents have is regarding the type of information that their kids may share online- especially with people they interact with on social media channels.

Following and/ or finding your child on the social platforms they are in would help you keep a tab on what they share on these platforms, and what type of information is in turn shared with them.

This helps you better ensure internet safety for your kids.

Use a parental control software

While the idea of monitoring/controlling your child’s online life may sound like Big Brother mentality, the fact remains that children generally lack the life experiences to know what things to be wary of online.

This makes using a parental control software a good idea.

There are quite a few good choices available for purchase online. Just Google and you are sure to find one that would suit your purposes.

There are sites dedicated to reviewing software, and you could get a good idea of the best picks from such sites.

Use privacy settings for kids in social media apps

The most popular social media apps typically have special settings provisions for children.

These settings differ from app to app. So, if your child is using one or more of these apps, make sure they offer enough privacy settings for children. Also, familiarize with the app’s privacy policy before allowing kids to start using an app.

You can also disable location tracking across all the devices on both Android and iOS.

A nefarious way in which hackers find someone’s location is by using front facing cameras of mobile phones. They turn the cam on without the user’s knowledge, and based on the location details that a picture may give, could identify where the user is at the moment. Covering the camera with a black tape could help better the online safety- and the offline safety- of your kids.

Lesser-used but highly effective methods for kids’ online safety

Use ad blockers

May online ads, aside from advertising a product, also mine data. Installing a good ad blocker would help with data privacy as well as blocking ads.


You can get a VPN service so that all incoming and outgoing traffic on your phone will be encrypted.

It will also route the traffic through a server in a different location from yours. This enhances the security aspect of being online.

With the right privacy measures in place, your kids could enjoy and learn from different resources online. And with data plans from Lyca Mobile which you can get at terrific prices, a lack of data wouldn’t prevent them from enjoying the best of the web.

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