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Lyca Globe

Lyca Globe

New customers



30 Days

100National Text

4 GBNational Data

500Lyca to Lyca Mins, except Spain

100Lyca to Lyca Texts, except Spain

500National and International minutes to all countries in the EU (except Spain), Brazil, Canada, China, India, Norway and Switzerland.


250Minutes to Pakistan and Bangladesh

Roaming UE/EEE(Calls + 4GB)

Include Landline & Mobile

  • Austria Austria
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Canada Canada
  • China China
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Cyprus North Cyprus North
  • Czech-Republic Czech-Republic
  • Denmark Denmark
  • Estonia Estonia
  • Finland Finland
  • France France
  • Germany Germany
  • Greece Greece
  • Hungary Hungary
  • Iceland Iceland
  • India India
  • Ireland Ireland
  • Italy Italy
  • Latvia Latvia
  • Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania Lithuania
  • Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • Malta Malta
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • Norway Norway
  • Poland Poland
  • Portugal Portugal
  • Romania Romania
  • Slovakia Slovakia
  • Slovenia Slovenia
  • Spain Spain
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom

Include Landline & Mobile

  • Pakistan Pakistan
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh

This offer is valid until 31/10/2021.

Lyca Globe promotional price for 10€ valid only for the first subscription. After the first month the price of the renewal is 15€.

Lyca Globe bundle includes 500 national and international minutes for landline and mobile numbers in the following countries: All countries in the EU (except Spain), Brazil, Canada, China, India, Norway and Switzerland.

Lyca Globe Bundle includes 250 minutes of landline and mobile calls to Pakistan and Bangladesh which pro rate basic minutes will be deducted from 500 minutes.

Lyca Globe bundle can be used in EU/EEA countries. If, over a 4-month period, the use of EU roaming services is bigger than the domestic usage we will notify the costumer and then charge the national PAYG rates. Non-EU countries calls will be charged at standard roaming charges. EU/EEA roaming services are enabled for customers who travel for holidays or short trips and note that the SIM card must be first used (and activated) in the home country in order to use this promotion.

When roaming data ends, customer will be charged €0.0036/MB until bundle data runs out or bundle validity expires, and after that PAYG rate of €0.0036/MB is applied.

Existing customers: Dial *139*1015# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 1015 to 3535

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