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Cheap international calls
*Customers should opt-in by texting ACT PLUS to 2525 to be eligible to get the special rates below. Customer who did not opt-in LYCA PLUS tariff will be charged at a standard rate.

Warning: Some of our customers have recently received fraudulent calls or texts regarding a fake lottery. Please do not respond to these calls. There is only ONE true Lycalotto website Please click here for more information.


Lycamobile Plans 
    15€ 7.50
    /30 Days
    Lyca Nacional M
    • 600National Mins
    • 100National Text
    • 3GB + 1GB Bonus National Data
    • EU Roaming
    20€ 10
    /30 Days
    Lyca Nacional L
    • 200National Mins
    • 50National Text
    • 4GB + 1GB Bonus National Data
    • EU Roaming
  • 30
    /30 Days
    Lyca Nacional XL
    • 700National Mins
    • 500National Text
    • 6GB + 1GB Bonus National Data
    • EU Roaming
  • 12
    /30 Days
    Lyca Nacional S
    • 500National Mins
    • 100National Text
    • 1GB + 1GB Bonus National Data
    • EU Roaming

Cheap calls from Portugal to:

Here at Lycamobile we pride ourselves on providing the cheapest international call rates from Portugal, in a high-quality service to over 14 million customers across 19 global countries. Developed originally for the expatriate communities of Europe, with a strategy mainly focused on customer satisfaction, Lycamobile has now become a worldwide reference for its cheapest national and international calls to landline and mobile, low-cost mobile Internet, regular promotions and exclusive offers.

Calling rates per minute

Save money with Lycamobile! Find here the cheapest international rates…

With rates for international calling from Portugal specific to each country from as little as 1 cent per minute and a host of ever-changing special offers stretching as far as to offer entirely free international calls to certain countries, we are ever-vigilant in keeping international costs down. Find here the cheapest mobile rates for calls to key countries such as Angola, Brazil, Romania, China, India, Cape Verde, Guinea and the UK.

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Don’t let extortionate international charges hold you back from keeping in touch with your loved ones this year. Take advantage today of Lycamobile’s fantastic offers and call with no restrictions to your friends and family wherever they are. To get the most out of your phone, simply order your free Lycamobile SIM and top up today to take advantage of the very best rates on international calls from Portugal.

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