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The best fantasy & sci-fi series and movies on Netflix and other online platforms

Science fiction and fantasy hold a special place is genre storytelling.

They could lift us out to strange worlds thereby helping us view our own world from a distance- with a fresh pair of eyes. Also, they can be effective short-term escapes for when the pressures of real world living becomes a little too much.

Either way, they are excellent genres to explore. And here are the best fantasy & sci-fi series and movies on Netflix and other online platforms.

Love, Death & Robots

If you like your entertainment in small bits, then, Netflix’ ‘Love, Death & Robots’ could be the perfect fix.

The series is made of short science fiction films created in a multitude of styles and tones.

Some of the shorts are inevitably better than the others, and part of the fun with such a series is finding out how good the next episode is going to be.

The Handmaid’s Tale

You must have heard great things about The Handmaid’s Tale- the series based on the dystopian sci-fi novel by Margaret Atwood.

If you did, rest assured it is for good reasons.

It’s not just that the world in the series looks eerily plausible that makes it a gripping watch, but the production, acting, music and every aspect of filmmaking come together to make this a compelling viewing experience.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

While ‘Game of thrones’ may still come to the top of your mind when you think of fantasy series, it’s not like there aren’t other fish in the sea.

And some of them are pretty unique fish too- like The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Exploring the goings on in the fictional planet, Thra it’s realized with incredible sets and a mix of puppetry and animation which make for a unique viewing experience, making it one of the best fantasy & sci-fi series and movies on Netflix and other online platforms.

The Umbrella Academy

What happens when a bunch of offbeat characters who happen to be superheroes have to team up to fight evil even though they don’t along get with each other?

This simple(and a tad unoriginal) premise gives rise to some extremely funny scenes and thrilling set pieces in this series which is based on a comic book series.

Alita: Battle Angel

This story is of a cyborg with more humanism that many humans, and who-as the title suggests- is also a warrior.

Based a Japanese manga, this James Cameron-produced film didn’t get the deserved attention when it came out early 2019 in the theatres.

But it was fun, has a heroine to root for and the visual effects cannot be taken lightly either.

In other words, totally worth a watch and among the best fantasy & sci-fi series and movies on Netflix and other online platforms.

Terminator: Dark Fate

The Terminator franchise kicked off all the way back in 1984 by James Cameron often attracts the criticism of every entry following the same story- of a super robot from the future travelling to the now to save a hapless individual who must be saved for the sake of the future.

The latest instalment in the long running series, Terminator: Dark Fate also follows a similar plot.

So, you may not find the story terribly original but there’s no doubt that the visceral action and some tightly directed sequences elevate this one from your average Terminator entry.

The streaming platforms hosting titles could vary in different regions. Please check your local listings before streaming.

Bonus: Offbeat fantasy & sci-fi series and movies on Netflix and other online platforms

• High Life

This film starring Robert Pattison finds an astronaut and his baby daughter among the only survivors of a mission in outer space. More moody than thrilling, this is a good film for those who want a character drama out of science fiction.

• Glass

M.Night Shyamalan’s follow-up to Unbreakable is a mix of sci-fi, fantasy and serial killer thriller which somehow still feels like it is rooted to the real world. It subverts your expectations of what such a movies should be in its second half, and for that reason, this is for those who like their entertainment a little unusual.

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