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Listening to online radio
Watch YouTube Videos (4.5min Long)
0.000 MB
Data usage varies by device. The guidelines above are intended as estimates only. The actual amount of data used for the described activity can vary.
Data Services
1 Basic webpage browsed = 0.10 MB 1 min Listening to online radio = 1.042 MB
1 Rich webpage browsed = 0.33 MB 1 Basic email Sent/ received = 0.001 MB
1 Rich email sent/received = 0.5 MB Watch a Video on You tube = 8.33 MB
1 min Streaming music listened = 5MB An Application/ Game = 4MB
1 min Streaming video =8.33 MB  
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Transmissão ao vivo - Difusão de áudio ao vivo da PSL T20

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