Data and calls at the best prices! Free roaming in all EU/EEE and UK.


Keep your number, switch your plan, or terminate at any time – you don’t need a contract with us and we will never charge you extra.


Connect to your loved ones – through low-cost data or national and international calls on a high quality network with great coverage.

Lyca Nacional M Students

20GB +5GB Extra
15.00 7.50 /30 Days

*7,50€ on first 3 months, 11,25€ on next 12 months, then 15€.

  • 1000 National Mins/Texts
  • Roaming 12.2GB in all EU/EEE and UK
  • 50% Off for 3 months
Terms and conditions
After you purchase your SIM card, you will receive it on the address you indicated, within three working days. In the meantime, you have received a PIN code in your email. Keep it: you will need it to activate your Lyca plan.You get a 50% discount during 3 months, followed by 25% discount during next 12 months, by purchasing here the SIM card with Lyca Nacional M and by letting auto-renewal on. The renewal is automatic, and the amount will be charged on your debit/credit card every 30 days. To terminate, you must switch off the auto-renewal on the website or by calling 1632. Price of the plan after 3 months and during next 12 months: 11,25€. Price after the 12 months: 15€. With auto renewal, you will get 5GB extra every month for six months.
The bundle can be used in EU/EEA countries. If over a 4-month period, the use of services is bigger than the domestic usage, we will notify the customer and then charge the national PAYG rates. Non-EU countries calls will be charged at standard roaming charges. EU/EEA roaming services are enabled for customers who travel for holidays or short trips and note that the SIM card must be first used (and activated) in the home country in order to use this promotion. When roaming data ends, customer will be charged €0.0036/MB until bundle data runs out or bundle validity expires, and after that PAYG rate of €0.0036/MB is applied.


We have shipped your SIM card by post, and you will receive it on three days maximum. Make sure you add your address correctly in the form so that the SIM card is not returned to our office. You can check the status of your shipment by calling 265001632 or on the live chat at www.LycaMobile.pt

When you purchase your SIM card, the renewal of the plan is automatic. If you want to terminate the plan subscription, you just need to switch off the auto-renewal on the website or by calling 1632. REMEMBER: If you don’t make a call within 60 days, your Lyca number will expire, and you cannot use it again. If you want to keep your number active for later use, make a call at least once every 60 days. Alternatively, you can keep your number active for one year, even if you don’t use the services, for just 5€.Check how, here.

No. We can only port-in numbers from Portuguese mobile operators.

Yes, to port-in your current national number to Lyca: activate your SIM card to get your new number; request your CVP to your current operator; fill in this form and send it to cs@lycamobile.pt. 24 hours after you have submitted the correct details, you will be part of Lyca and can enjoy calls and internet at the best prices!

When you purchase your SIM card, the renewal of the plan is automatic. If you want to quit, just switch off the auto-renewal via our website or by calling 1632.
If you still have doubts:Calls us at 265001632 Write to us at cs@lycamobile.pt Or talk to us at www.LycaMobile.pt