Hello Africa


30 Days

100 National Minutes

1 GB Internet

100 Minutes Lyca to Lyca

50 Minutes to Angola,Cape Vert,Nigeria,Ghana, Senegal,South Africa,Egypt,Mali, Ethiopia,Kenya,Mauritius

Include Landline & Mobile

  • Nigeria Nigeria
  • Senegal Senegal
  • Africa do Sul Africa do Sul
  • Egito Egito
  • Mali Mali
  • Etiopia Etiopia
  • Quenia Quenia
  • Mauricia Mauricia
  • Angola Angola
  • Ghana Ghana
  • Cape Verde Cape Verde

Offer valid from 28/10/2019.


The bundle can be used in EU / EEA countries. If, over a 4-month period, the use of US roaming services is larger than the domestic usage we will notify the customer and then charge the national rates. Non-EU countries will be charged with standard roaming charges. EU / EEA roaming services are enabled for customers who travel for holidays or short trips and note that the SIM card must be used first (and activated) in the home country in order to use this promotion.

When roaming data ends, customer will be charged €0.0036/MB until bundle data runs out or bundle validity expires, and after that PAYG rate of €0.0036/MB is applied.