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GET up to 3GB by topping-up your 0€ SIM card!

Why get a Free SIM card?

You can request a Free SIM card with no delivery cost for you.

Free SIM cards are requested when you want to Switch to Lyca Mobile – you order the SIM card and then send us a port-in form to switch your origin number to the Lyca Mobile SIM card.

You can also request a Free SIM card if you want to make a SIM Swap. You may need a SIM Swap if your SIM is damaged, if you lost it or if you require micro or nano formats of SIM.

When you top-up your Free SIM card, you will get up to 3GB bonus! On your second top-up of minimum 5€ within 90 days after SIM card activation, you get 1GB per top-up until 4th top-up. The same rule applies to all 0€ SIM cards requested in physical stores. Get yours now!

Please note we ship a maximum of 2 Free SIM cards to each person and address.


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