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National M

National M



30 Days

1000 National Mins/Texts

20GB + 5GB extra Data

eSIM available

eSIM available

EU Roaming (13.6GB)

The customers who already had this bundle before 6th April 2022 and that renewed it after that date, get 15GB; customers who got the bundle for the first time after the 6th April 2022, get 10GB on first activation and 15GB on renewals.

Offer valid from 26th October until 31st October 2023.

Exclusive Online Offer for New Customers

When purchasing a SIM + plan Lyca Nacional M online, you enjoy 20GB data + 5GB extra and 1000 MIN/Text for 30 days with a 5€ discount. If you want to continue enjoying this plan with 20GB+5GB data and 10€ price for a total of 6 months (including the first month already activated), you must enable auto renewal for this plan. After the 6 months, you will enjoy 20GB for 15€, if you enable auto renewal. If you don’t enable auto renewal, you get 15GB for 15€.

For online and offline existing customers

If you already have a Lyca Mobile SIM card (bought online or offline) and want to top-up the SIM card with Lyca Nacional M plan online, you get 15GB for 15€.

Offline New Customers

If you purchase Lyca National M SIM card offline (in any store or kiosk) you get 10GB the first time you active the SIM card (for 30 days) and 15GB when you renew the plan online or offline.


All customers get 13.6GB to roam in all EU/EEA with this plan, except new offline customers for the first month, who get 10GB roaming. After that, they get 10GB for roaming.

The bundle can be used in EU/EEA countries. If over a 4-month period, the use of services is bigger than the domestic usage we will notify the customer and then charge the national PAYG rates. Non-EU countries calls will be charged at standard roaming charges. EU/EEA roaming services are enabled for customers who travel for holidays or short trips and note that the SIM card must be first used (and activated) in the home country in order to use this promotion.

When roaming data ends, customer will be charged €0.0036/MB until bundle data runs out or bundle validity expires, and after that PAYG rate of €0.0036/MB is applied.

Existing customers: Dial *139*51003# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 51003 to 3535